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are a part of everyday business, and everyone needs access. Small and large businesses require their computers to be up 24/7. Full time, highly trained computer professionals are difficult to find and more expensive than ever before; all in the face of reduced budgets, staff shortages and high turnover.

How can S2 Help?

S2 provides you with a Virtual Employee to support all of your computer systems needs. Your Virtual Employee will help you add new systems as well as build and support existing ones. They can trouble-shoot your everyday computer problems. They can create proposals for large projects, as well as order parts for quick repairs or upgrades. You pay only for the time you need them and only for the equipment you wish to order.

We offer MS Certified Professionals

Flat Fee IT Solutions 

Pro-active IT

Know your enemy
Top causes of downtime

·          Hardware Failure

·          Viruses, Ad-ware & security vulnerabilities

·          Software overwhelming system resources

·          Software or hardware conflicts

End downtime with
 Pro-active support

·     All windows PC’s and servers have system logs.  S2 Techs can monitor logs to identify and fix problems before downtime occurs

·     Inventory, track and monitor IT equipment

·     Updates fix known problems, and protect from new threats.  Centralize support and maintenance of software, to assure all systems are up to date. 

·     Standardize equipment with leading vendors, using tested equipment and dependable software.

·     Redundant backup, on-site and on-line

Pro-active support Plans

 Our Pro-active Service Plan ($25 user) includes all proactive maintenance. Monthly service guarantees a 2-hour emergency response during normal business hours and free phone support.

·          S2 will assess your equipment and network

·          Computer will be brought up to comply with minimum system requirements.

·          Backups will be setup on-site and over the Internet. 

·          All phone support is included.

All log errors will be fixed and verified.