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Money Savers!

Flat Fee IT!
A flat monthly fee for all IT support
S2 Techs will provide proactive care for systems.
Easy to budget, with no surprises
Flat Fee hardware provides all your PC and Network equipment. 

Virtual Employees
S2 consultants reduce staffing requirements and provide onsite staff with quick answers to IT questions. 

Network Solutions
S2 provides you the solutions your company needs.
S2 Techs see multiple business every week. We know what works and why.
S2 works with vendors daily ordering and supporting equipment. S2 techs know where to get the best deals and know what is inside the box.

Good vs. Great

Good IT staffs
Fix problems and keep systems working.
Respond quickly.

Great IT staffs
Stay on top of new technology.
Use new technology to improve business processes.
Increase profits, by increasing efficiency.
Tell you how projects can be done, and let you decide if it should be done.

We offer MS Certified Professionals

Flat Fee IT Solutions

Complete IT

A Managed IT service plan, plus a complete software and hardware implementation  Providing all the IT service, hardware and software you need at one price. 

          Flat Fee IT management

          All IT hardware and software

          Dell PCs and Servers

          Leading Network equipment

          Printers and Peripherals

          Latest Windows Small Business server software

          Dedicated Internet

 Give us a call today for a free network analysis and learn what a Virtual Employee can do for you!