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Why Remote Connections?
  • Users on the road are always connected
  • Executives at home can connect when ever and where ever they want
  • Sickness or extended leaves won't slow you down
  • Expand without duplicating main office equipment at remote locations.
  • No Minimums
  • Pay for only the hours worked
  • Internet Setup and Support

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    We will setup the network on both ends. We can coordinate how users will connect to office networks remotely. We can work with Internal IS staff to prepare their side of the connections. We can train staff on how to trouble shoot problems with remote users as well as local connection problems.

    We offer MS Certified Professionals
@ Home Networks

Today's Executives are busier then ever. The work never seems to stop, whether at the office or at home. New technology is allowing employees and executives to work from anywhere.

Technology is allowing executives homes to be directly connected to the office. Do you want to take advantage of this revolutionary technology?

S2-Executive Level Support @ Home!

Some home networks now have a computer for every member of the family. Everyone wants access to the Internet, printers, and other computers. This great technology is useless when there is no one to maintain it or set it up.

S2 can even separate your families networks and business network for safe computing.  Have your own in house IS staff. Call us for problems or setup. For those privileged enough to afford it, it is what they have come to expect.

  • Securing Internet access
  • Home network setup and support
  • Make purchase recommendations
  • Certified, experienced network consultants
  • Personalized Training

I need to access
my work from home!

Remote networks are step 2, when it comes to networks. Connecting remote offices, or home offices, companies are no longer limited by walls. No more worrying until the next morning to discover problems, just log in and rest easy. Keep valuable employees working, during extended leaves or other circumstances.

Put your worries to rest. Give us a call today to sign up for a Virtual Employee. You will always know who to call first. (414) 476-6063