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Smartphone Security

Smartphone safety CBS58 TV

Keep your smartphone in your hands and not someone elses. S2 Technologies' Sam Stair was interviewed by CBS58 TV's Michael Schlesinger on ways to keep your smartphone data safe.
Watch the report here.

Smartphone Security Software

Android Phones need a better security than you get stock
We recommend Kaspersky Mobile security, it provides Anti-Virus, Document encryption, Remote locator, remote wipe and Call and text filtering. If you need to make secure phone calls there are a number of encryption apps like Redphone.

Apple’s iPhone’s have many of those features built-in but you need to set them up properly.
-Enable autolock
-Dont use simple passcode
-feature to wipe your phone if passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times
-passcode lock siri
-can require passcode at regular intervals (ie every ten minutes) for maximum security.
-encrypt backups in itunes
-dont use wifi for sensitive data
-check app permissions before installing
-Only turn location services on for essential apps like map programs(they are on by default)
-Enable find my iphone
gives you location of phone if lost or stolen
allows you to remotley wipe your data if the phone is gone, can always restore from backup
-update regularly
-only known viruses for ios are for jailbroken devices - do not jailbreak!

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